Volunteer Opportunities 

The Olympic Peninsula is a tourist destination for people from all over the world and many people come here to retire and enjoy the beauty that is here on the Peninsula. Still, about 12,000 people here live in poverty; many of our friends and neighbors living here need help to meet basic needs of food and shelter.

OlyCAP is involved with the community every day. We are acutely aware that our work is accomplished through and with the support of thousands of people. Every year, thousands of hours of volunteer help support the efforts of OlyCAP staff. Additional support comes in the form of donations - of money, goods or services.

There are many ways you can help OlyCAP to help those in need - and, we hope, feel rewarded for your efforts.

We characterize OlyCAP as the communities' helping hand, but we recognize that our community is also OlyCAP's helping hand. Every year thousands of hours of volunteer time are contributed to, or through, OlyCAP in support of our community. Volunteers help staff with delivering meals on wheels, administer emergency services, mentor children and assist in more ways than we can count.

Members of our community sponsor events and activities that support OlyCAP programs. We are aware every day that there are hundreds of shoulders at the wheel helping us along. If you would like to volunteer your time in service to the community, we have literally hundreds of opportunities available for you. We can help you find an opportunity where your service will enrich our community.

We have listed several options below and if you would like, complete the volunteer interest form and we will contact you.

  • Senior Nutrition

  • Local Food Banks

  • Head Start

  • Energy Assistance

  • Encore! Adult Day Care

  • Community Centers

  • Job Lift Driver

  • Community Services